Weaving is a traditional Madagascan craft, practiced for more than 2,000 years. Lambas, long boldly striped shawls, are worn on ceremonial occasions, and prized by tourists. Famiova is a group of women weavers preserving ancient skills while earning much needed income.  A micro-loan from SCF enabled the group to purchase looms and grow their business. Three different types of looms are used for different techniques and designs. Weaving threads are a blend of cotton and locally harvested silk. The group age ranges from 60 to 16. Most of the women have not been formally educated beyond 5th grade. The younger generation sees this business opportunity as a way to support their children to continue onto higher education. They feel their life has been transformed in a very positive way, providing them the with respect of their community. This is a huge leap for women in Madagascar as they are often marginalized.

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