“SCF makes people shine and be proud of their accomplishments.
Beautiful products, hard work and new skills integrate together to
bring hope and pride to those who never had these before. SCF
stimulates new directions and new lives for people with little hope. SCF puts Madagascar on the road to success.”


Dr. Patricia Wright, renowned primatologist and anthropologist.


We work closely with these organizations, and encourage you to join us in supporting their missions directly.

SCF supports UNICEF in providing aid to: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Liberia, Madagascar and Nepal, through a program focusing on education and equity. In all five countries poverty, natural disasters, man-made conflicts and cultural barriers have meant that millions of children cannot attend school. Discrimination against girls is widespread. SCF aims to redress this injustice by providing the educators, schools, infrastructure and supplies so desperately needed.

SCF supports The Carter Center in its innovative program for mental health, specifically the Centerʼs work in Liberia, which is still devastated by 13 years of civil war. 40 percent of Liberiaʼs 3.4 million people experience post-traumatic stress disorder, but less than 1 percent has access to mental health care.

SCF and its sister foundation, The Child and Tree Fund, has collaborated with Dr. Patricia Wright, renowned primatologist, conservationist and founder of Centre ValBio, on projects to benefit Ranomafana, Madagascar. SCF has funded a re-forestation and tree nursery program, taught health education to 2000 schoolchildren and planted vegetable gardens.


UNICEF provides children with health care, clean water, nutrition, education, protection, and more. read more

THE CARTER CENTER seeks to prevent conflict, enhance freedom, democracy, and improve health. read more

CENTRE VALBIO’s mission is to safeguard Madagascar’s unique ecosystems. read more