SCF micro-loans funded:


Since 2009, SCF has been encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in Madagascar by providing loans to small groups of artisans. These groups manufacture a variety of beautiful, unique hand-made goods, from baskets, accessories, and ornaments to embroidered panels and woven silk scarves. Crucial to this enterprise is the value of keeping alive the traditional skills that were in danger of being lost.

Important to SCFʼs involvement is the fact that natural, indigenous materials and dyes are used in the manufacture of these products. This process both preserves local resources and respects their continuing survival.

In Madagascar, women in rural areas are often left without means to survive when the fathers of their children leave. Selling these products provides the women with an income to support their families. SCF provides micro-loan funding to buy looms and other materials. By funding these groups, SCF is enabling a potential revenue source for a community.


The vibrant color in this basket is made from ginger root.

Every scarf made by the Famiova weavers is unique.

Fidy, a master wood carver, creates his pieces using only hand tools.